Why us?

Choosing the right real estate company and the right agent is crucial for your sales process, so take time to find your perfect match. 
Research, compare, get in touch.
At Solid House we are happy to discuss your situation and we always guarantee the following:

1) You don’t get a realtor; you get a team! 

Our administration and marketing team consists of versatile industry professionals.  
Lawyers and case managers assist in the clearing of the properties. 
Interior designers, professional photographers and content creators make sure we present the properties in the best light possible. We work as a team to give you the best possible result.  
2) We know what we are doing 

We develop our services constantly, according to the feedback from our clients. We encourage agents to think outside the box, aiming to create new innovations to the industry. 
3) We share our expertise 

We will give you only the latest and accurate information. By taking care of all of the responsibilities, we will ensure that your transaction will be highly profitable. We want to make sure that buying, selling and renting are as easy for you as possible. 

4) Better marketing - better results 

By creating a personalized marketing plan for each property, we guarantee to attract more interested buyers. We bring out the best features of the property, creating both visual and informative content. Each property is published in the biggest portals and in multiple social media channels. With this process, we have managed to sell properties faster than the average.