Renting services in Spain

We offer full renting services to property owners in Costa del Sol.

  • We always present your property in the best light possible. The properties are photographed by top professional photographers and styled when needed. 
  • We have a wide client register of people looking for rental properties and with our marketing channels we can reach a big crowd internationally. The rental properties are also added to the most popular online portals. With us, finding a rentee is faster, easier, and less stressful. 
  • We take care of the contracts and renting arrangements.
  • In addition to renting, we offer cleaning, maintenance, and styling services. 
  • If the property is empty at times, we regularly check to see that everything is in order. Our goal is to guarantee you peace of mind about the condition of your property. 


Investment property in Spain?

Especially in the summer season, the rent prices in Costa del Sol skyrocket, offering a great profit for the property owners. When you are considering a purchase, we can help you estimate the profits that the property will bring you. With our full renting services, we can help you cover your own living expenses in Spain.