Imbi Niinimäe

Interior Designer
Real Estate Agent

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Buying and designing a home is one of life's great events, it will always be remembered by us. I think it is very important that designing a home and the process of buying and selling create good emotions and meet the needs of the client. My goal is to create positive emotions - while providing pleasant, fast and professional customer service.

I am a good communicator and also a good listener, so that the wishes of the customers can be mapped as well as possible, because every home and person is unique and needs and wishes are different.

My passion for real estate and interior design is the opportunity to combine buying a home and designing it into a functional and harmonious space that is timeless and increases the value of the property.

This you didn't know about me

  1. I was born in Pärnu, Estonia

  2. I went to Pärnu art school

  3. I have lived and studied in Chicago, USA

  4. I lived in Spain for 6 years, where I also worked in interior design

  5. Favourite hobby - tennis

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