Buying property in Costa del Sol, Spain 


You only need one agent 

In Spain, most of the properties in the market are available for every real estate agent to offer. As a buyer you choose an agent to work with and they will take you through the whole journey. With Solid House agents you will be in good hands finding your dream home in the sun. Easy! 


Let´s make a plan together 

First we will map out your dreams, wishes and the demands. Then we will search the most suitable properties for you to get to know in more detailed. Next we arrange the presentation of these properties for you. 

There are very many options in the wild property jungle. Searching for the right ones alone will take a lot of effort and local knowledge. Real estate agent is golden asset for you in this process.  


When the right property is found 

Solid House agent will start negotiations based on your offer. 

When the offer is accepted by the seller, a private contract (contrato privado) is concluded before the final transaction; a public deed of sale (escritura pública). In this contract, all terms related to the transaction are reflected and at this point of the process a down payment is paid, which is usually 10%. 


Expences of the transaction 

The cost of the transaction process for buyer are approximately 8-10% of the purchase price. These costs include the fees of lawyers or case managers, notary, bank and taxes. You will get more detailed information about the expenses from our agent. 


Long distance property shopping 

Sometimes the process to the final transaction might take a while, weeks rather than months. If you are not located in Spain at the time of the purchase, a proxy is accepted to finish the transaction. The process taken care of by us all the way till the end - to the point where you'll receive the keys to your new property. 

Keep in mind

  • You will need a Foreigner Identity Number, NIE. Certain activities such as purchasing a property needs a spanish identification. NIE number can be requested directly in Spain or at the Consular Office in your country of residence
  • Real estate agent will suggest using of a case manager or a lawyer to do the investigation before the purchase deed is finalized. 
  • Lawyer´s or case manager´s most important job is to do the legal investigation. Investigation includes e.g. going through land registry, town archives, building permissions and checking of possible outstanding debts in order to make sure there are no obstacles to come on the way of purchasing the property. 
  • Property´s purchase deed is always confirmed by a notary and ownership is registered into land registry. In order to get the property registered, all the taxes must be paid. 
  • Solid House agents also follow through that all the other payments regarding the property are paid (electricity, water etc.) 
  • All in all, an experienced Solid House agent guides you safely through the entire process. 


Join the Inner Circle

Tell us about the property you are searching for.

Join the Inner Circle

Tell us about the property you are searching for.