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Hey all!

I am Riku Koskinen – a positive and energetic real estate agent originally from Finland.

I believe I was born to be a real estate agent and since a young age I worked at my father’s real estate company. I have seen and experienced a lot in my 20-year career, I even sold some houses in Costa del Sol already in the early 90s even though I was located in Finland.

Together with my wife Päivi we are excited to open Solid House Costa del Sol and help make peoples dreams come true!

You can reach out to me with any questions you might have, I am more than happy to help you! 💛


This you didn't know about me

  1. I did my first transaction as a real estate agent at the age of 17

  2. I have 4 lovely children, 2 of which are already adults

  3. My nickname is Rocket

  4. I’m only 56-years old

  5. I'm a big fan of Formula 1

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